Water Cutting

Water Only Cutting

The Water Only Cutting process is a pure water cutting tool. As there is no abrasive this process is only used on non-metallic materials, foam, rubber and plastics for example.

Our machine bed is made from honeycomb which gives a flat support for these flexible materials.

As no abrasive is used, the product or work piece is kept clean and free from the ingress of particles. With a cutting kerf (width) of 0.15mm which creates a hair line cut through the material, this process can create extremely complicated designs in materials which can be difficult to handle.

Using multiple cutting heads, the machine can produce up to four identical components simultaneously. Where tolerances permit we can also layer the material to produce even more components in a single pass. This process can offer a competitive alternative to traditional process methods.

Use this process for cutting the following types of materials:

  • metal cutting
  • precision cutting
  • abrasive water jet cutting
  • cutting with water